Purpose and goals

Although the findings of this study are still unknown, the enriched data analyzed in the FinnGen study is an investment in our collective future. With this study, we will gain a better understanding of how our genome affects our health. With FinnGen study Finland is taking a big leap forward in growing excellence in biomedicine.
Blood samples are placed in a centrifuge.
Thousands of samples will be analysed

The research project is based on combining genome information with digital health care data from national registries. The study is conducted following the highest standards of data security.


There are four main aims:

Aim 1: Produce medical innovations by combining health registry and genome data.

Aim 2: Support Finland to become a pioneer in biomedicine and personalised healthcare.

Aim 3: Create a co-operation model between public sector and healthcare industry.

Aim 4: Provide early access to new personalised treatments and health innovations for all Finns.