Clinical endpoints

This page contains downloadable excel sheets that contain the definitions for clinical endpoints and corresponding control groups for the current FinnGen data freeze.

These endpoint and control definitions are work of Tuomo Kiiskinen, Elisa Lahtela, Aki S. Havulinna, the FinnGen clinical expert groups and others at FIMM and THL. Use freely but if used extensively, please mention the source. This is still work in progress and comments can be sent to Aki Havulinna (aki.havulinna (at)


Current endpoint and control definitions:

endpoints - DF8 

control definitions - DF8

endpoints – file format description

Changelog DF8_DF7_endpoints and controls

DF8 endpoint omits


Previous endpoint and control definitions:

Here you can find the previous endpoint and control definitions used for Data Freezes 2 - 7:

endpoints - DF7

control definitions - DF7

endpoints – file format description


endpoints - DF6

control definitions - DF6

endpoints – file format description (same as in DF5)


endpoints - DF5

control definitions - DF5

endpoints – file format description


endpoints - DF4

control definitions - DF4

endpoints – file format description


endpoints - DF3

control definitions - DF3


endpoints - DF2

control definitions - DF2



‌Have you already tried (Risteys = intersection in Finnish)? It allows browsing of the FinnGen data at the phenotype level, including endpoint definitions, statistics about number of individuals, gender distribution, and longitudinal relationships.