The Steering Committee and the Scientific Committee oversee the FinnGen study. Steering Committee is the highest decision-making body. Both committees have representatives from University of Helsinki, each biobank and each pharma partner.

The Steering Committee is composed of 17 representatives. University of Helsinki, each biobank, each pharma partner and Business Finland has the right to appoint one representative to the Steering Committee. Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include major strategic decisions and monitoring the progress of the project against the deliverables and milestones and the high-level objectives of the Scientific Plan.

Professor Aarno Palotie (University of Helsinki) has been appointed as the Scientific Director of the study. He is responsible for the overall conduct and output of the Scientific Plan.  

The Scientific Committee establishes and oversees the various working groups within the project and advises the Scientific Director. The Scientific Committee is composed of the Scientific Director, working group leaders and scientific representatives appointed by the University of Helsinki, biobanks and pharma partners.

Docent Anu Jalanko has been appointed as the FinnGen Project Manager and Ulrike Lyhs, PhD, and Risto Kajanne, PhD, as the FinnGen Project Coordinators. Anu Jalanko is responsible for the everyday operations of the study. Mari Kaunisto, PhD, is the Communications Director and responsible for the proactive public dissemination of the study.

Eight working groups of different expertise areas have been established under the research project. Each working group has establish teams that work on specific tasks.