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According to the FinnGen consortium agreement, FinnGen results are subjected to one year embargo and, after that, can be made available to the larger scientific community. FinnGen Steering Committee has now decided to release the summary statistics for FinnGen data freeze 2. These data can be downloaded from Google cloud storage free of charge. Please follow the instructions below.

Basic information about the data release:

Total sample size: ​96,499​​

Total number of variants analyzed: 16,152,119 variants

Number of disease endpoints (phenotypes) available: ​1,122 endpoints

Data released to the partners: Q4 2018 (Nov 27)

Public data release: Jan 14 2020

Thorough documentation is available at:

Please note that the allele frequency column provides the human reference genome alternative allele (not minor allele) frequency. All effect sizes and allele frequencies are reported in terms of alternate allele.

How to access the summary statistics:

  1. Fill this online form to gain access to Finngen GWAS summary statistics. 
  2. Instructions on how to download summary statistics are sent to you by e-mail.
  3. Download the data 


Please remember to acknowledge the FinnGen study when using these results in publications.

You can use the following text:

“We want to acknowledge the participants and investigators of the FinnGen study”


Browsing the results: 


The web browser contains all FinnGen GWAS results from release 2 and provides you with three options:

  1. Search for the GWAS result of a variant, phenotype or gene.

  2. Explore the loss-of-function burden (LoF) for gene-phenotypes combinations.

  3. Find a particular phenotype/endpoint.

PheWeb browser