Working groups

There are more than 40 people working for the project. Most of them are employed by University of Helsinki, Helsinki Biobank ( HUS) or THL Biobank.

Nine working groups of different expertise areas have been established under the research project. Each working group has establish teams that work on specific tasks.

Sample collection team

Anu Loukola/HUS

Sample logistics team

Päivi Laiho/THL

Health register team

Minna Brunfeldt/THL

Clinical team

Elisa Lahtela/UH

Trajectory team

Mary Pat Reeve/UH

Genotyping team

Kati Donner/UH

Sequencing informatics team

Priit Palta/UH

Analyses team

Mitja Kurki/UH

eScience team

Timo Sipilä/UH