Partner researchers

This page contains instructions and information for the researchers representing the FinnGen partner organisations.

After a one year embargo, the FinnGen research project regularly publishes data releases containing summary statistics and Genome Wide Association Study results, which can be freely used. Visit our Access results page for more information.

Additionally, researchers in organisations that have partnered with the FinnGen study can request access to either newest aggregate results or access to the FinnGen Sandbox environment. Before gaining access to the FinnGen data in Sandbox, a researcher must complete Sandbox training about how to handle personal data and pass an exam about data security. You can apply for a personal FinnGen account by filling in an online form (please ask your organization's FinnGen contact person). Please note that only researchers from a FinnGen partner organization may apply for a FinnGen account. ‌

After receiving your FinnGen account, you can login to our intranet (members' area) to see more thorough documentation in our Analyst handbook. The documentation contains both useful background information and clear instructions that are meant to help you get the most out of FinnGen data.


If you belong to a FinnGen partner organisation and want to gain access to the FinnGen data, please follow these steps:

1. First, fill in the online form to apply for access to either aggregated (green) or personal (red) data.

2. You will receive FinnGen Google credentials and instructions by e-mail, usually within a few days of requesting access. You can now access aggregate data (green data).

3. If you have also applied for access to personal data in the Sandbox:

A) You will be sent two agreements, which have to be signed and returned, in order to be granted access to the Sandbox environment. The Sandbox user identification agreement is to be signed by an authorized representative of your company or academic institution. The FinData Confidential disclosure agreement is sent on to the FinData regulators, who monitor access to Finns' sensitive data.

B) Once you have received credentials, you need to log into and take the required data security exam. The tutorial site includes necessary materials to acquaint you with data security policies and how to safely work in the Sandbox.

C) After fulfilling all requirements (exam passed, User Identification Agreement signed and FinData Confidential disclosure agreement signed and accepted by FinData), you will be granted access to the production Sandbox, which includes personal level data.


A graph showing the steps of the access process, as described in the main text.


Please note:

All FinnGen research must adhere to the FinnGen Scientific Plan and its amendments as FinnGen data is allowed to be used only for research determined in its Scientific Plan. All analyses done using FinnGen data need to also have articulated scientific purpose and potential to produce publishable results.

Please familiarize yourself with the FinnGen Scientific Plan and its amendments  available in members' area before you plan to start working with the FinnGen data.

In order for FinnGen Scientific Director and Scientific Committee to check if your analysis fits with the FinnGen Scientific Plan and that there are no overlapping efforts already ongoing in FinnGen one needs to submit a FinnGen analysis proposal. This should be submitted when you have determined your analysis setting and are about to start analyzing the data.