The extensive source of genetic association results based on 135.000 individuals became available this week for the whole research community.
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An international research collaboration led by researchers from the University of Helsinki and Stanford University has identified rare changes in a gene called ANGPTL7 that lower intraocular pressure and significantly reduce the risk of glaucoma. The results open important new therapeutic possibilities.
Genetic variants in a gene called ANGPTL7 reduce the risk of glaucoma
Insights into how to better understand and treat COVID-19 are desperately needed. Given the importance and urgency in obtaining these insights, it is critical for the scientific community to come together around this shared purpose.
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A new Finnish study demonstrated the benefits of large-scale genomic information in estimating the risk of onset for cardiac diseases, diabetes and common cancers. The findings, based on the FinnGen research dataset encompassing more than 135,000 Finns, show that new tools based on genomic data are helpful in identifying high-risk individuals not identified by the current system.
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FinnGen, a large-scale academic – industry, genome research collaboration in Finland now includes eleven industry partners with the addition of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson and Maze Therapeutics.
FinnGen welcomes Janssen and Maze Therapeutics
We are looking for a bioinformatician with experience on large scale genetic data handling and analyses. Apply by Feb 15!
We are looking for a bioinformatician with experience on large scale genetic data handling and analyses.
We are excited to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 2 results and summary statistics are now publicly available!
Public release of the FinnGen data freeze 2 results
What are the benefits of FinnGen and Finland for our industry partners? This autumn we took the opportunity to interview some representatives of our pharmaceutical partners who wanted to share their experiences of FinnGen.
FinnGen: an exciting academic-industrial collaboration enabling genetic discoveries
Results based on the FinnGen data are presented in several talks and posters during the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in Houston, October 15-19. Come and meet our researchers!
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The next FinnGen Face-to-Face meeting will be organized 11 - 12 September in Helsinki. 
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