The FinnGen research project benefits citizens, businesses, biobanks and research - and ultimately the entire world. The project will create the prerequisites for making Finland a forerunner in personalised health care and biomedicine. 
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The medical breakthroughs that arise from the project will eventually benefit health care systems and patients

When successful, the project will benefit all parties: citizens, business, biobanks and research.

The research project will bring us new, important information about the reasons behind diseases. Through open communication in this large project, the goals and benefits of biobank research will better reach the citizens. In connection with the research, also the opportunities of citizens to participate in the project and the use of own health data in health behaviour will be promoted. Owing to the research, the researchers involved will create top-level scientific publications, and together with universities and research institutions pharmaceutical companies can develop new, personalised and/or more efficient drugs. On the basis of the research, the researchers also wish to be able to create more reliable solutions for health care and anticipation and prevention of diseases.

The genome data created in connection with the research will immediately be available for researchers involved in the research, and the data will be stored once a year to the biobank where from the sample was delivered. The sample and genome data material of this magnitude is expected to invite top-level researchers to Finland to cooperate with Finnish research organisations. In addition, the project will increase the visibility of Finnish expertise abroad and promote us as an attractive research partner of international companies. The genome data produced in the project will be available in the future in health care, supporting e.g. the prevention of diseases, diagnostics and personalised treatment solutions.