How to participate

Participating in this and other studies utilizing biobank samples is always voluntary.
Att delta i biobanksforskning är alltid frivilligt.
Att delta i biobanksforskning är alltid frivilligt.

Almost all Finnish biobanks are part of the FinnGen study. Thus it is likely that if you have already given a biobank consent or will give your consent during the next years, your sample will be included in the FinnGen study. Please visit the Finnish Biobanks' webpage for up-to-date information about how to participate in biobank research.

A request to donate samples for biobank research can come in a variety of ways. During a hospital visit, a patient can be asked whether he or she would be interested in giving a biobank consent and donating his or her samples. In population studies a person can receive an invitation letter in the mail. In Helsinki Biobank, Auria Biobank, Central Finland Biobank and Biobank Borealis the biobank consent can be given actively, either electronically or filling and mailing the consent form. It is also possible to donate a biobank sample while donating blood. Please check the current situation from here.

Sample donors are free to cancel, change or restrict their consent to biobank research at any time by giving notice in writing according to the instructions of the biobank in question. The contact information can be found here.

How can I get information about the use of my own sample?

The Biobank Act states that everyone has the right to receive, upon request, information on whether or not their samples are being stored in a biobank. If you want to know whether your samples are stored in a specific biobank or have been utilized in the FinnGen study, please contact the biobank in question. The contact information can be found here.

In addition to the new samples collected by the Finnish biobanks, the FinnGen study also utilizes these old sample cohorts that have been transferred to THL Biobank or Helsinki Biobank:

  • Botnia Study
  • Corogene Study
  • National FINRISK Study 1992-2012
  • Health 2000 and 2011 Surveys
  • Helsinki Heart Study
  • THL Diabetes Studies
  • THL Psychiatric Family Collections
  • Migraine Study
  • Twin Study
  • FINNAKI Study