Goals and benefits

The FinnGen research project benefits citizens, businesses, biobanks and research. All breakthroughs that arise from the project will eventually benefit health care systems and patients globally. Genome information produced during the study will be returned to the Finnish biobanks and made available for new research projects.
All breakthroughs that arise from the project will eventually benefit health care systems and patients globally

What are the expected benefits?

General benefits: New research data with which researchers will be able to create more reliable solutions for health care, anticipation and prevention of diseases in the future. The research results will allow pharmaceutical companies to develop more personalised and efficient medicines and treatment also for diseases for which there is no treatment at the moment.

Benefit to the public: This joint, large research project of biobanks will make it possible to increase people’s knowledge of biobank activities and allow their contribution to building good practices related to research matters by also introducing their points of view. The project is expected to create new information to make health care and nursing more effective, which will benefit all citizens in the future.

Benefit to Finnish companies: The project will benefit companies in the form of new business opportunities e.g. in software design, IT solutions, genetic services, clinical testing, diagnostics and early-stage drug development.

Benefit to biobanks: The sample and data reserves and their cost-efficient usage and development, international position, significance and opportunities for cooperation of Finnish biobanks will be strengthened by the project.

Benefit to the health care system: The genome data produced in the project will be available in the future in health care, supporting e.g. the prevention of diseases, diagnostics and personalised treatment solutions.

Benefit to academic research: The genome data create in connection with the research will immediately be available to Finnish researchers, and when the research is finished, it will be stored in the same biobank where from the sample was delivered. The reliability of the research will improve along with increasing amount of analysed data and the number of high-level publications will increase, giving some advantage internationally. The sample and genome data material of this magnitude is expected to invite top-level researchers to Finland and to cooperate with Finnish research organisations.

Strengthening of the ecosystem: The business ecosystem created by the project is hoped to invite large international pharmaceutical companies and companies representing other industries to Finland. Especially international companies are hoped to increase their investments in Finland, financing of Finnish research and innovations and new companies generated by the ecosystem even after the end of the project. One of the central goals of the project is to strengthen innovation and business activities nationally, because it is expected to increase cooperation between Finnish companies, health care operators, researchers and/or companies and international researchers and/or companies.