FinnGen study in a nutshell

A unique study has been launched in Finland that will deepen our understanding about the origins of diseases and their treatment. The FinnGen study plans to tap into 500 000 unique blood samples collected by a nation-wide network of Finnish biobanks. The collection phase of the study will continue until 2023 and the research project until 2027.
With open cooperation we hope to speed up the emergence of new innovations
With open cooperation we hope to speed up the emergence of new innovations

The FinnGen research project is based on a public-private partnership between Finnish universities, biobanks, hospital districts, and several international pharmaceutical companies, to drive research, implementation, and economic development in the field of personalized medicine. The data created during the study can be used for prioritising drug targets based on genomic information, enabling more efficient drug development pipelines and better individualized drug treatment choices.

FinnGen will boost the activities of Finnish biobanks by speeding up sample collection and enabling enrichment of samples with genomic data. The aim is to get up to 500 000 Finnish individuals to participate in the study. The FinnGen will manage anonymous health registry and genomic data without compromising the privacy and integrity of participants.

The genomic data produced during the project will be returned to Finnish biobanks, providing the basis for new industrial partnerships, drug trials, monitoring studies, and other private-public projects.