The public examination of the first FinnGen-based doctoral dissertation took place in October, 2021. Warm congratulations to Satu Strausz!
Boehringer Ingelheim has joined FinnGen, a large-scale academic – industry, genome research collaboration in Finland aiming to collect and analyse genome and health data from 500,000 Finnish biobank participants.
The first sub-project of the FinnGen study to invite participants for further clinical examinations will begin in eastern Finland. The project will explore methods that are suitable for investigating the progression of Alzheimer's disease and other, less severe memory disorders. The aim is to improve early diagnostics of Alzheimer's disease and to increase understanding of its pathogenesis.
Open Targets is an innovative, large-scale public-private partnership that uses human genetics and genomics data for systematic drug target identification and prioritisation. We are pleased to announce that the publicly available FinnGen results have now been integrated into the brand new version 5 of the Open Targets Genetics Portal!
We are excited to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 5 results and summary statistics are now publicly available!
Findings from the FinnGen study encompassing 120,000 women indicate that inherited breast cancer risk should be assessed in an increasingly comprehensive manner. Currently, only individual gene mutations are taken into consideration in breast cancer therapy and prevention. The study demonstrates that more extensive genomic data can be used to identify women who are at high risk of breast cancer with considerably greater accuracy. Such knowledge can especially improve risk assessment among the close relatives of breast cancer patients.
We are excited to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 4 results and summary statistics are now publicly available!
We are looking for an experienced epidemiologist to have a key role in the expansion of one of the largest research projects in Finland, FinnGen.
We are happy to announce that Novartis has joined the FinnGen research consortium. Warm welcome!
The extensive source of genetic association results based on 135.000 individuals became available this week for the whole research community.