An international research group led by Finnish scientists has identified several new risk factors for dementia-causing diseases. The group found strong evidence that mechanisms related to autoimmune diseases play a role in the development of dementia.
Results based on the FinnGen data are presented in 30 talks or posters during the 2022 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) in Los Angeles, October 25-29. Come and meet our researchers!
A Finnish-led international research team has discovered novel gene variants that increase the risk of a rare but severe lung disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The results also demonstrate notable genetic similarities with susceptibility to severe COVID-19 infection.
Researchers have, for the first time, systematically estimated the impact of a range of different disease-associated genetic risk factors on the loss of healthy life years. Knowing the contribution of different genetic risk factors on disease burden can help prioritise and design interventions using genetic data.
A variant typical of the Finnish population that protects against heart diseases was identified in the FinnGen genomic study coordinated by the University of Helsinki. The risk of developing heart diseases is roughly one-fifth lower in carriers of the variant compared to the population on average.
FinnGen data analysis environment, FinnGen Sandbox, is now one of the few certified secure operating environments in Finland. The certificate was granted on 20th April 2022 and is valid for five years.
We are happy to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 7 results and summary statistics are now publicly available!
We are pleased to announce that the FinnGen data freeze 6 results and summary statistics are now publicly available!
The public examination of the first FinnGen-based doctoral dissertation took place in October, 2021. Warm congratulations to Satu Strausz!
Boehringer Ingelheim has joined FinnGen, a large-scale academic – industry, genome research collaboration in Finland aiming to collect and analyse genome and health data from 500,000 Finnish biobank participants.