Welcoming our new industry partner – Novartis

We are happy to announce that Novartis has joined the FinnGen research consortium. Warm welcome!

Novartis is a global healthcare company with headquarters in Switzerland and focus on creating  transformative treatments  for patients worldwide in several therapeutic areas. FinnGen research data provides a great match to company’s strategy, heavily powered by digital technologies, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Novartis is ranking among the world’s top companies investing in research and development.

Novartis is part of an ecosystem where digitalization is advancing fast: Health data and technology as well as expertise in their use are needed to develop new, targeted and effective treatments and provide these to the right patient. At Novartis, the use of digital technologies and data is an integral part of drug development, from early molecular simulation to clinical trials and data analysis, but also when engaging with patients and customers.

Thanks to FinnGen’s effective cooperation model and the excellent opportunities the Finnish environment offers for precision medicine research, FinnGen has been found as an increasingly attractive collaboration opportunity. With the addition of Novartis, FinnGen now includes a full dozen of industry partners.

We are excited to see the impact unfold as we continue to work together with our existing and new partners to advance genomic medicine!

For a complete list of FinnGen Partners click here.